PressForward Joins Forces with OpenEdition

By The GPDH Editors | March 1, 2012

By Sean Takats

I’m pleased to announce a new part­ner­ship between Press­For­ward and OpenEdi­tion. Press­For­ward is the Roy Rosen­zweig Cen­ter for His­tory and New Media’s project to study and pro­duce alter­na­tive means schol­arly com­mu­ni­ca­tion. OpenEdi­tion, led by the Cen­tre for Open Elec­tronic Pub­lish­ing in Mar­seille, shares many of the same goals but on a much larger scale: it seeks to develop a sus­tain­able dig­i­tal plat­form for pub­lish­ing schol­arly con­tent and will be sup­ported over eight years by a 7 mil­lion euro grant funded by the French Higher Edu­ca­tion and Research Min­istry. Our role at RRCHNM will be to develop and sup­port PressForward’s mul­ti­lin­gual inte­gra­tion into OpenEditions’s over­all platform.

The part­ner­ship is being funded by the French Agence nationale de la Recherche’s Equipex pro­gram, which funds cutting-edge large-scale projects look­ing to inte­grate inter­na­tional teams and tar­get­ing an inter­na­tional audi­ence. This award is espe­cially note­wor­thy because it’s part of France’s much larger Investiss­ments d’avenir (Invest­ments for the Future) pro­gram which has allo­cated a stag­ger­ing 35 bil­lion euros for fund­ing, 22 bil­lion of which is reserved for higher edu­ca­tion and research. The fact that this enor­mous pot of pub­lic fund­ing is open to dig­i­tal human­i­ties projects (and really, those from any field) sharply dis­tin­guishes this pro­gram from the Amer­i­can model, where pub­lic fund­ing is strictly siloed among NEH, NEA, NSF, NIH, etc., and where human­i­ties bud­gets are com­par­a­tively tiny.

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