Short Take: Harvesting the Sustainability of Digital Formats Site

By The GPDH Editors | June 22, 2012

The following is a guest post by Jimi Jones, Digital Audiovisual Formats Specialist with the Office of Strategic Initiatives.

The World Wide Web is a complex and constantly-evolving network of linkages. Maintaining access to web content can be very challenging because content producers can change or remove pages or entire sites at any time. We’ve all experienced the frustration of broken links and the inability to find content we just knew was there yesterday.

Digital Formats Sustainability website



Digital Formats Sustainability website

The Library of Congress’ Sustainability of Digital Formats website draws upon many web resources to describe and assess digital formats. We consult online specifications and technical information in order to accomplish this. When the web resources we link to vanish, it can make it difficult or impossible for the Formats team to get information we need to help us make informed decisions about the formats we assess.

For this reason, the Formats site team – Caroline Arms, Carl Fleischhauer and Jimi Jones  – worked with Gina Jones, Nicholas Taylor and Pranay Pramod of the Repository Development Center to capture web resources to which the Formats site links. By capturing these resources before they can vanish, we are building a reference library of sites to help us create a better site. For more about the Sustainability of Digital Formats website and what it does, take a look at Carl’s blog post here.

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