International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2013

By The GPDH Editors | January 24, 2013

The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) 2013 will be held at Academia Sinica in the wonderful scenario of Taipei from 17-22 March 2013, with co-located events and workshops. The conference is hosted by the Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centre (ASGC).

For more than a decade, ISGC has been tracking the advances in distributed computing across the Asia Pacific region and leading the development of regional e-Science activities and collaborations around the world. With the continuous support and dedication from the delegates, ISGC has provided the primary international distributed computing platform where distinguished researchers and collaboration partners from around the world share their knowledge and experiences.

The theme of ISGC 2013 is Collaborative Simulation, Modelling and Data Analytics in Grids and Clouds.

The global e-science movement is bringing with it fundamental changes in the way we produce, manage, understand and exploit data within worldwide collaborations. At its heart is the complex large-scale data analytics that takes place around the large data sets generated from simulations, modelling and physical instruments.

ISGC 2013 will bring together from the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, researchers that are developing applications to produce these large-scale data sets and the data analytics tools to extract the knowledge from the generated data, and the e-infrastructure providers that integrate the distributed computing, storage and network resources to support these multidisciplinary research collaborations. The meeting will feature workshops, tutorials, keynotes and technical sessions to further support the development of a global e-infrastructure for collaborative Simulation, Modelling and Data Analytics.

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