PhD program in Digital Arts and Humanities: University College Cork in Ireland

By The GPDH Editors | May 13, 2013

By Brendan Dooley

University College Cork invites applications for places in the four-year structured PhD programme in Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH). Successful candidates will be registered with the full-time inter-disciplinary structured PhD programme co-ordinated with an all-Irish university consortium. Candidates will pursue their individual research agendas within the program, based on projects developed from proposals which they provide during the application process.

Subject areas:

History, European Languages and Literatures, English, Music, Performing Arts, Art and Art History, Irish Studies, Psychology, Digital Law.

What is DAH?

The ever-evolving developments in computing and their performative and analytical implications have brought about a quantum leap in arts and humanities research and practice. Digital Arts and Humanities is a field of study, research, teaching, and invention at the intersection of computing and information management with the arts and humanities.

The DAH Structured PhD programme has developed a research platform, structures, partnerships and innovation models by which fourth-level researchers can engage with a wide range of stakeholders in order to contribute to the developing digital arts and humanities community world-wide, as participants and as leaders. Currently the program includes a vibrant community of 50 researchers throughout Ireland.

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