1st Workshop on Histoinformatics (Histoinformatics 2013): EADH, The European Association for Digital Humanities

By Gretchen | September 26, 2013

Held in conjunction with 5th International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo 2013), 25 November 2013, Kyoto, Japan


Paper submission deadline October 6, 2013
The length of short papers extended to 10 pages!

The 1st International Workshop on Histoinformatics aims at fostering the interaction between Computer Science and Historical Science towards “Computational History”.

This interdisciplinary initiative is a response to the growing popularity of Digital Humanities and an increased tendency to apply computer techniques for supporting and facilitating research in Humanities. Nowadays, due to the increasing activities in digitizing and opening historical sources, the Science of History can greatly benefit from the advances of Computer and Information sciences which consist of processing, organizing and making sense of data and information. As such, new Computer Science techniques can be applied to verify and validate historical assumptions based on text reasoning, image interpretation or memory understanding.

Our objective is to provide for the two different research communities a place to meet and exchange ideas and to facilitate discussion. We hope the workshop will result in a survey of current problems and potential solutions, with particular focus on exploring opportunities for collaboration and interaction of researchers working on various subareas within Computer Science and History Sciences.

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