Digital & Public History: Current Historiographical Research at the History and Civilisation Department, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

By Gretchen | September 26, 2013

The Open Access e-journal Zeitenblicke 12 (2013), Nr. 1, is an interesting issue -based on interviews organised by EUI Ph.D. researchers and also single essays- dealing with the research community and activities in the History and Civilisation Department at the European University Institute  (EUI). These essays and interviews are showcasing and informing about the many intellectual challenges that are part of the daily activities of the EUI History department.

Zeitenblicke is part of the excellent Historicum.Net, a portal for the Historical Sciences on the Internet in Germany.Sehepunkte, a component of the portal, is the best place to look for book reviews in the field of history in Germany -all historical periods are included and interdisciplinary works are also reviewed-, and Lesepunkte, a third component of the portal, is a platform for history teachers.  is one of the best online history projects in Germany which is supported by the State Library of Bayern, the University of Cologne and many other German partners. Chronicon  is a sophisticated search engine which allows better knowledge of the portal’s complete contents. The only criticism that could be raised -but this is an important one- is that nothing, not even the basic descriptions of the different contents of the portal, has been translated into English for the purpose of informing better a worldwide community of interested historians. Internet is, above all, access to global knowledge and the language of such a worldwide communication is English today, a language that was indeed used for some of the papers published  in the Zeitenblicke’s overview of the EUI History Department’s research activities.

The issue is the result of an important initiative by some EUI history Ph.D. researchers. These promote the intellectual output and activities of the EUI History and Civilization Department dialoguing with some EUI history department members, professors and former professors. In doing so, they reproduced in an online open access journal, the constant intellectual dialogue that is happening between all components of the Department, Ph.D. researchers, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars and professors, during the whole academic year. 

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