Initial findings from survey of discoverability of digitised collections : JISC Digitisation and Content Programme

By Gretchen | September 26, 2013

by Paola Marchionni

Some of the initial findings of the web-based assessment of the discoverability of digitised collections are now available, as part of the Spotlight project.

The Discoverability Diagnosis, which we mentioned in the previous blog post, is one of the key activities the Spotlight project is undertaking.

It consists of an assessment of about 150 collections that were digitised over the last 10-15 years. It combines manual (human) and automated (programmatic) tests geared to find out how discoverable collections and their constituent items are on the public web. This will help us identify broad patterns and “pain points” for discoverability through an evidence-based approach.

The collections being surveyed are a selection from major national investments such as the:
– Jisc Digitisation and Content programmes
– AHRC Resource Enhancement scheme
– New Opportunities Fund programme

This ensures not only that we can work with existing data sets, but also that there is a good spread of type of collections and formats, institutions, subject areas, and collections age.

Sero Consulting, who are conducting the assessment for the Spotlight project, have provided us with some early observations from a pilot analysis of around 40 collections.

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