Forced Labour, Five Tours on Berlin History « Museummedia

By Gretchen | October 14, 2013

“Forced Labour.The Testimony App” offers five tours which take you through forced labour in Berlin. Witnesses tell of factories and forced labourers camps. You can follow their path with a multimedia guide either on foot, by bicycle or with the Berlin S-Bahn.

screen568x568Download the tours in Wifi and experience the everyday life of forced labourers throughout Berlin. You will not only discover places that are not listed in guidebooks, but also find traces of long forgotten stories at well-known spots.

The app is free of charge, offered in a German and and English, and ready for download on the App Store. An Android Version will follow soon.

The app has been developed by a team of “Berlin History Workshop” a non-profit, oral history-orientated historical society based in Berlin.

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