8 reasons why online reputation building can give academics a competitive advantage

By Jo Hawkins | July 6, 2012

I recently read a fantastic blog post that argued that traditional resumes and formal CVs have been replaced by a revolutionary Automatic CV generator which has ushered in a new age of personal branding.

I couldn’t agree more.

Thinking strategically about your online reputation is not about style over substance. Far from it. It’s about believing in your work, recognising its value and understanding that it deserves an audience. For my part, I’m tired of academics in the humanities underestimating the value of the work they do!

So, have you Googled yourself lately? These days it’s not egotistical, it’s essential. Your digital footprint does not need to be defined solely by others. You can take simple steps to proactively contribute to this space. Generally this will involve developing a content platform (such as a blog) and using social media to build an audience. It’s an active process that involves both content creation and relationship building and one which I believe has the potential to give early career academics a competitive advantage.

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