Teaching in the 4th Information Age

By Mike Gwaltney | September 18, 2012

With my classroom teaching year beginning tomorrow, I’ve been reflecting yet again on how much has changed since I began my first day of teaching a little more than 20 years ago.

I plan to write frequently this year about how I teach history courses for this information age, not for the last. Hopefully, the writing will help me better understand what I do, and to learn how to do it better. I’m a much different teacher than I was when I started. For example, I used to do these 4 things consistently that I won’t do this year:

  1. I won’t give a classroom lecture.
  2. I won’t write notes on a board or in a PowerPoint that I expect students to copy verbatim.
  3. I won’t assign homework.
  4. I won’t give a multiple-choice exam.

How can I be a history teacher?

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